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High Speed Fun 15
Atlanta Motorsports Park
May 22-23
Come join us for some high speed fun at AMP
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Next Club Meeting
Notice to all Club Members:
Our May 21 Club meeting will be held at Dawsonville, GA by participating at our 15th year High Speed Driving Event.
The June 18 Club meeting will reconvene at our normal time (7:00 p.m.) and location Piccaddilly Cafeteria, 874 Murfreesboro Pike.
Hope to see all Club members at both events!

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March Newsletter

As I sit and write this message today, I do wear a slight smile on my face. You see, it is “raining” but in the 50* to 60* temperature range and next week looks like the beginning of a slight “warming” trend. Good news for all of us wanting to shine and drive our ponies as well as to complete those “winter” projects we started.

Although the weather has not cooperated lately, it has not deterred the enthusiasm of many car “aficionados” nor curtailed the posting of numerous shows and events over the coming months. I encourage our members to sign up with Gearhead Gazette at www.gearheadgazzette.com to receive their weekly update on all shows / cruise-ins in Middle Tennessee. I plan to post those events that are within driving distance to Nashville on our website or face-book page, but it will not be as comprehensive as the Gazette’s.

This past weekend Hunter’s Automotive held their yearly show at the Tennessee Fairgrounds. It was extremely well attended with numerous after market vendors and a very nice display of cars. Both the MOPAR club and Chevy club of Nashville were well represented with great displays of truly awesome cars. I have posted a couple of pictures on our face-book page.

I did my best to meet as many Ford enthusiasts as possible and invited all to participate in our All Ford show this coming September 26.

On March 3, I represented our Club at the first quarterly meeting of the Middle TN Car Club Leadership. Mike Gillespie, local automotive enthusiast and David Pack, General Manager, The Factory, Franklin, TN, hosted the gathering.

The purpose of our meettng was two-fold: (1) for The Factory to express their desire to host and provide car show as well as meeting space at their location; and (2) for all Clubs in attendance to gain a better understanding of how we can support those events sponsored by each Club and as important, to share information among ourselves on road trips, places to visit, restaurants, auto sites, etc. Mike Moody, President of the Porsche Club has already shared with me some rides his Club has made, both short and long distance. Perhaps someone in our Club could take this initial information and coordinate a ride for us Mustangers in early Spring!!

In closing, I leave you with some automotive trivia. If you happen to have about $2M sittng around, place your order for the 2016 Koenigsegg Regera. No, you would not be disloyal to the Ford family. You see the Regera started out with a supercharged Ford Modular V-8 and with some “tweaking” over the years by Swedish engineers; this engine has evolved into a twin-turbocharged, 5.0-liter V-8. This “modest” improvement has taken this V-8 with variable-vane turbochargers to 1,100 horsepower and 922 pound-feet of torque capacity --- on regular high octane pump gas and even a little more HP with E85 fuel.

Here is the kicker. The Swedes have taken this wonderful Ford power plant and mated it to three electric motors developing another 700 HP and 664lb/ft for a total rear wheel of about 1,500 plus HP and 1,475 lb/ft torque. What does this get you (other than a ticket) – how about 2.8 seconds to 62MPH and a 93mph to 155MPH acceleration in 3.2 seconds – we are talking “fuelie” numbers here. Top speed, over 245MPH in less than 20 seconds – and yes, street legal.

Lets all go out and lay some “pony tracks” just cause we can!!
Take Care and drive save,
Henry Johs

MCMC is a regional
member of the
Mustang Club of America

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